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Jembatan Lindsay C. Warren (Alligator River)

Panjang4.550,00 m
Kondisi UmumAktif
Jenis JembatanGelagar
Tanggal Selesai1960
Tanggal Peresmian1960
NegaraUnited States of America
Latitude (GPS)35.9009750000000000
Longitude (GPS)-76.0092540000000000

A project will begin later this month that will require closing the bridge that carries U.S. 64 over the Alligator River for the first half of April.

The N.C. Department of Transportation said preliminary work on the bridge between Dare and Tyrrell counties will start March 18 and will require intermittent lane closures, with one-lane, one-way traffic controlled by flaggers.

The bridge will be closed to all traffic from April 2 through April 14 as crews swing the bridge into the open position, raise it up with supports and secure both ends to replace several mechanical parts.

The Lindsay C. Warren Bridge was built in 1960 and opens more than 500 times each month, the NCDOT said in a statement.

Due to the amount of use, the mechanical components of the bridge are worn, and rehabilitation work is being performed in an effort to prevent future closures, according to the news release.

A 90-mile long detour using U.S. 264 and N.C. 94 will mean the trip between Manns Harbor and Columbia, normally about 30 minutes, will take over an hour and a half.

The NCDOT is working with the Inter-County Public Transit Authority and Hyde County Transit to provide transit options and will announce the details as soon as plans are finalized.

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