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Jembatan Najiehe Railway

Panjang352,00 m
Bentang Terpanjang352,00 m
Kondisi UmumProgress
Jenis JembatanPelengkung Baja
Tanggal Selesai2016
Tanggal Peresmian2016
Latitude (GPS)26.7018610000000000
Longitude (GPS)106.1635810000000200

Upon its opening in 2016, the Najiehe Railway Bridge became the highest railway span on earth with a deck approximately 310 meters above the original level of the great Wujiang River. The 352 meter span steel arch is the highest structure on an east-west line that connects Guiyang city with Zhijin and Nayong to the west.

The Wu River is known as the Sancha River where the Najiehe Railway Bridge crossing is located. By far the largest and most famous river in Guizhou Province, the Wujiang also has more high bridges across its waters then any other river in the world. The single track railway line has several other high bridges along its route, most notably the giant beam span over the Wuzuohe River.

The Najiehe Railway arch pieces were lowered into place using a highline with two towers 120 meters tall with a span of 458 meters. The rail level is approximately 285 meters above the full level of a reservoir formed from a downstream dam and approximately 310 meters to the original level of the Sancha (Wujiang) River.

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