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Jembatan Huc

Panjang28,00 m
Kondisi UmumAktif
Jenis JembatanGelagar
Tanggal Selesai1865
Tanggal Peresmian1865
Latitude (GPS)21.0307620000000000
Longitude (GPS)105.8527830000000400

The Huc Bridge is a beautiful construction built to connect the Ngoc Son Temple located in the heart of Hoan Kiem Lake and the lake bank.

Being an indispensable part of Ngoc Son Temple, a splendid symbol of the Buddhist architecture and a famous tourist destination in Hanoi, The Huc Bridge is well-known as “the bridge where light is absorbed”. Constructed mostly by fine wood and painted with the bright red color, The Huc Bridge is has an elegant beauty and sophisticated architectural features.

Standing from this bridge, you can see spacious and beautiful views of the Hoan Kiem lake, Ngoc Son Temple and the Tortoise Island. Located in the midst of Hoan Kiem Lake, the Tortoise Island is a small construction where there is a unique tortoise living in. For years, this tortoise has been living in the Tortoise Island as the only host of this small island. Unfortunately, this individual is deceased and its body is used by a taxidermist to be respectfully presented in the Ngoc Son Temple as a symbol of this famous Lake.

Nowadays, visitors can easily see this tortoise when visiting the Temple. Locally well-known as sacred destination for the Buddhists, Ngoc Son Temple is always filled with the atmosphere that full of smoke from traditionally lit incense throughout all of time. Therefore, Ngoc Son Temple and the surrounding area always have the atmosphere of a holy place.


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