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Jembatan Metlac Railway

Panjang90,00 m
Bentang Terpanjang90,00 m
Kondisi UmumAktif
Jenis JembatanGelagar
Tanggal Selesai1984
Tanggal Peresmian1984
Latitude (GPS)18.9067120000000000
Longitude (GPS)-97.0108649999999700

The highest railroad bridge in North America at 430 feet (131 mtrs), the Metlac River bridge was part of a 1980s upgrade to the entire Mexico City-Veracruz line that included several other high bridges such as the Vaqueria Viaduct and the Atoyac Bridge. The 430 foot (131 mtr) high Metlac Railway Bridge is a prestressed concrete beam bridge with 2 rail lines. The original 1972 highway bridge is parallel to the railroad bridge and is just a few feet lower. The original 1872 Metlac bridge was the most famous railway bridge in Mexico for decades, curving 92 feet (28 mtrs) above the river. Now abandoned, it can be seen from the higher bridges.

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