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Jembatan Yachi

Panjang1.461,00 m
Rata-rata Panjang Bentang800,00 m
Kondisi UmumProgress
Jenis JembatanCable Stayed
Tanggal Selesai2016
Tanggal Peresmian2016
Latitude (GPS)26.8475720000000000
Longitude (GPS)106.1380480000000300

With a height of over 400 meters, the Yachi Bridge is not only the world's second highest cable stayed bridge but also one of the longest with a main span of 800 meters. Wedged between two long tunnels, the 1,461 meter long structure is supported by towers as tall as 258 meters. There is no other cable stayed bridge in the world in a mountain setting as colossal as Yachi Bridge. The 800 meter span is also a record for any truss-deck cable stayed crossing.

Despite an official height of over 400 meters, Yachi Bridge is actually only about 300 meters above the surface of a huge reservoir more then 140 meters deep formed by the Yachi Dam that is located just 2 kilometers downstream. Yachi is one of several dozen bridges over the Wu River that are over 100 meters high. No other river on earth has as many high spans across its waters then the Wujiang.

With steep slopes on both sides of the canyon, Yachi Bridge has unusually short but heavy concrete back spans of only 220 meters that counteract the pull of each of the 400 meter halfs of the 800 meter main span. The span configuration is 71+72+77+800+77+72+71 +8x30 meters. Yachi is the largest bridge on the 77 kilometer Guiyang to Qianxi 贵阳至黔西高速公路 expressway.

The Province of Guizhou has more high bridges within its borders then any other region on earth. All of the high bridges in Europe combined would not equal the number of Guizhou spans that exceed 100 meters in height.

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