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Jembatan Yi Sun-Sin

No. Jembatan-
Panjang2.260,00 m
Jumlah Bentang1
Bentang Terpanjang1.545,00 m
Kondisi UmumAktif
Jenis JembatanGantung
Tanggal Mulai2010
Tanggal Selesai2012
Yang Meresmikan-
NegaraKorea, South
Latitude (GPS)34.9034600000000000
Longitude (GPS)127.7049480000000600

Yi Sun-sin Bridge ’이순신대교 is a suspension bridge under construction in the south coast of Korea as of April 2010. This bridge is one part of The Approach Road to Yeosu Industrial Complex. It will be the world's fourth longest suspension bridge in terms of its main span length of 1,545 m when it is opened to the public in 2012.[dated info]

Yi Sun-sin’ is the name of the Korean Admiral who was born in 1545 and built the world first ironclad warship called 'the Turtle ship' and defended the country against Japanese navy in the Joseon Dynasty. Some people miswrite his last name like 'Lee' instead of 'Yi' but 'Yi Sun-sin' is his official name. This bridge was designed by Yooshin corporation and is being constructed by DAELIM Industrial Company.

Unlike the previous suspension bridges in Korea, DAELIM's engineers are doing the whole construction engineering by themselves. Seo, Young Hwa is leading the project. Jeong, Seung Wook and Kim, Kyung Taek are directing Engineering Team and Construction Team. Construction engineering for the pylon, cable and stiffening girder are conducted by Baek, Han Sol, Moon, Jong Hoon and Jeong, Bong Kyo respectively.

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