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Jembatan Hong Kong–Shenzhen

Panjang5.545,00 m
Bentang Terpanjang210,00 m
Kondisi UmumAktif
Jenis JembatanCable Stayed
Tanggal Selesai2006
Tanggal Peresmian01 Juli 2007
NegaraHong Kong
Latitude (GPS)22.4713890000000000
Longitude (GPS)113.9605560000000000

The Hong Kong–Shenzhen Western Corridor is a 5.5-kilometre (or 3-mile), dual three-lane carriageway in Hong Kong, connecting Ngau Hom Shek, Hong Kong to an area leased by Hong Kong at Dongjiaotou, which is geographically located in southwestern Shenzhen, a city of mainland China. It connects Hong Kong with the border crossing facilities on its border with mainland China, the Shenzhen Bay Control Point.

The carriageway, together with the Kong Sham Western Highway (formerly known as Deep Bay Link), are part of the Route 10 of the Hong Kong trunk road numbering system, and part of China G4 Jinggang'ao (Beijing - Hong Kong - Macau) Expressway for the 1.6 km section north of Hong Kong - China border.

Construction of the highway bridge began in 2003. The 3.2-kilometre, or 2-mile, Hong Kong section was completed in 2005. The corridor was scheduled for completion in 2006 but owing to the delay in the construction of the Shenzhen section and legal issues about applying the law of Hong Kong in co-location of immigration and customs facilities of Hong Kong and mainland China in Dongjiaotou[citation needed], it was officially opened on 1 July 2007 by President Hu Jintao of the PRC and the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Donald Tsang.

The bridge was constructed separately by Hong Kong and mainland China, according to the maritime border. Upon its opening, the Shenzhen Section of the bridge, along with the Shenzhen Bay Control Point, were leased to Hong Kong and made under Hong Kong's jurisdiction for an initial period until 30 June 2047. As such, Hong Kong laws, including traffic laws, instead of the laws of the PRC, apply on the whole bridge and within the control point.

The biggest section of the link is the 4,770 m (15,650 ft) bridge spanning the Deep Bay. The cable-stayed bridge allows for the southern and northern navigation channels of the Sham Chun River. It can handle 58,600 vehicles and 60,000 cross-boundary tourists per day. The border crossing facilities in Dongjiaotou are separated managed by the Customs and Excise Department and Immigration Department of Hong Kong, and the China Customs.

The biggest operator of the transport corridor is the Gammon Construction-Skanska-MBEC joint venture.

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