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Jembatan Niulanjiang (Northbound)

Panjang760,00 m
Bentang Terpanjang190,00 m
Kondisi UmumProgress
Jenis JembatanConcrete Box Girder
Tanggal Selesai2016
Tanggal Peresmian2016
Latitude (GPS)26.9889510000000000
Longitude (GPS)103.5907260000000000

The second crossing of the Niulan River was part of an upgrade to make the 2-lane Zhaodai highway into a fully divided part of the 4-lane G85 expressway that goes from Kunming, Yunnan in the south to Chongqing city in the north. The Niulanjiang River flows northwest until it empties into the famous Yangtze River on the border of Sichuan province.

The newer crossing is approximately 15 meters higher then the older 2008 Niulanjiang Bridge that now carries only the southbound lanes of the G85 expressway. The 180 meter high northbound bridge has a span configuration of 7x30 +102+190+102 plus 5x30 meters on piers as tall as 130 meters. The total length of the bridge is 760 meters.

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